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Sand Beige Wave Tile SandArturel's blue acoustic art panel enhancing bedroom acoustics and aesthetics
Wave Tile Set Sale priceFrom 3 986 kr
Sand Beige
Natural Arch - Arturel X KvadratArch - Arturel X Kvadrat
Arch - Arturel X Kvadrat Sale priceFrom 5 112 kr
Sand/Black StoneStone
Stone Sale priceFrom 10 384 kr
Ocean Blue On saleModern workspace featuring Arturel blue Arch series acoustic panelArch series
Arch series Sale priceFrom 3 187 kr
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue Wave LongWave Long
Wave Long Sale priceFrom 5 104 kr
Ocean Blue
Black/Sand Wave Special EditionWave Tile (Black) and Wave Long (black/sand-colored) acoustic art panels made from acoustic felt, ideal for sound absorption and improving room acoustics
Wave Special Edition Sale priceFrom 6 868 kr
Sand Beige & Black Nordic BauhausNordic Bauhaus
Nordic Bauhaus Sale priceFrom 5 590 kr
Sand Beige & Black
Cloudy Grey Wave OriginalWave Original
Wave Original Sale priceFrom 5 583 kr
Cloudy Grey
Petroleum Green Geometric TileGeometric Tile
Geometric Tile Sale priceFrom 4 152 kr
Petroleum Green
Night Black GeometricGeometric
Geometric Sale price8 778 kr
Night Black
Ocean Blue Hats & PantsHats & Pants
Hats & Pants Sale priceFrom 5 909 kr
Ocean Blue
Sand Beige Arturel Arch Mini acoustic art panel featuring layered curved designArturel's Arch Mini Series acoustic panel for walls in a close up
Mini Arch Sale price631 kr
Sand Beige


Create Harmony and Elegance with Acoustic Art

Experience the perfect balance between aesthetics and sound absorption with our unique acoustic art panels. At Arturel, our goal is to revolutionize spaces with acoustic art that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and inspiring. We believe that art can create harmony and improve well-being in any room, which is why we have combined our passion for art with acoustic expertise to create products that enhance acoustics and are beautiful to look at.

Acoustic art for all spaces

Our acoustic panels are more than just sound absorption – they are artworks that create calm, increase creativity, and improve productivity. Each panel is designed to fit into any environment, from home to workplace, contributing to a better acoustic environment.

Arch - Create harmony and elegance

Arch acoustic art panels are a true visual and auditory delight. Using soft curves and recycled textiles, we have created a panel that exudes impressive aesthetics while delivering excellent sound-absorbing properties. Each panel is carefully constructed with multiple layers of felt, creating sculptural depth and dimension.

The Arch panels can be customized to your precise needs, making them ideal for any space, whether it is the living room, office, or work environment. Create unique configurations and experience the beautiful fusion of aesthetics and functionality with Arch. They are also available in a special edition created in collaboration with Kvadrat.

Waves - Explore organic movements

Waves acoustic art panels are designed in organic movements and wave-like patterns. With two layers of felt, we create a panel that exudes dynamism. Waves panels are ideal for improving acoustics in larger spaces such as office landscapes and conference rooms.

These panels offer a unique visual dimension and impressive sound-absorbing performance. Whether it is to minimize reverberation or reduce noise levels, Waves panels are an effective solution for any acoustic need.

Geometric - Play with round geometric patterns

Geometric acoustic art panels celebrate the iconic Bauhaus/Ulm design style with their refined geometric shapes. Each panel is crafted with meticulous processes and adds timeless elegance to any room.

This series captures the spirit of the Bauhaus style and applies it to our acoustic panels. The simple and clean lines provide a harmonious balance and a visual focus that enriches the room's aesthetics.

Nordic Bauhaus - Combining Scandinavian simplicity and bauhaus aesthetics

The Nordic Bauhaus collection combines Scandinavian simplicity with Bauhaus aesthetics. These panels offer a clean, minimalist style that fits perfectly into modern interiors.

Nordic Bauhaus panels are not only visually appealing but also highly effective at absorbing sound, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Hats & Pants - Creative and playful acoustic art panels

The Hats & Pants collection brings creativity and playfulness to acoustic art. These panels are inspired by humor and creative design, making them an eye-catching element in any room.

This unique collection is the result of a collaboration with renowned Danish artists Hvass&Hannibal, who unite art, sustainability, and cultural heritage in acoustic artworks. The Hats & Pants series is made from historic uniforms of the Danish Life Guards, giving each panel a rich history and cultural significance.

At Arturel, we aim to be at the forefront of the sustainable design movement, and this collaboration marks an important step in our commitment to creating unique and environmentally conscious products. The Life Guards' uniforms, with their deep history and cultural weight, have been transformed into beautiful acoustic artworks that elegantly combine aesthetics with functionality.

Stone - Natural beauty with sound-absorbing art

The Stone collection highlights the natural beauty of stones and minerals in acoustic art. These panels combine raw natural elements with modern design to create an impressive visual and acoustic experience.

Stone panels are ideal for those who want to bring nature into their home or workplace while enjoying the benefits of improved sound quality.

Buy acoustic panels at Arturel for a better work environment and a better future

At Arturel, we are proud of our interdisciplinary creative team, which consists of talented artists, designers, and acoustic specialists. We strive to create innovative and functional artworks that not only meet our customers' needs but also inspire better well-being and contribute to a sustainable future. Our location in the heart of Denmark also allows us to focus on sustainability and responsibility in our production processes.

Experience the difference with our acoustic art panels and create spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

The sound of silence