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Everyday objects should be beautiful as well as functional. This is why the Wave series gives even the humblest of spaces an elegant and quiet beauty. The Wave series takes inspiration from the natural contours found on in the landscapes that surround the coastlines of Denmark.

Sand Beige Wave Tile SandArturel's blue acoustic art panel enhancing bedroom acoustics and aesthetics
Wave Tile Set Sale priceFrom 3 986 kr
Sand Beige
Ocean Blue Wave LongWave Long
Wave Long Sale priceFrom 5 104 kr
Ocean Blue
Black/Sand Wave Special EditionWave Tile (Black) and Wave Long (black/sand-colored) acoustic art panels made from acoustic felt, ideal for sound absorption and improving room acoustics
Wave Special Edition Sale priceFrom 6 868 kr
Cloudy Grey Wave OriginalWave Original
Wave Original Sale priceFrom 5 583 kr
Cloudy Grey


Organic movements with acoustic images

Waves acoustic images are designed with organic movements and wave-like patterns. These acoustic images are ideal for creating a dynamic and visual dimension in any space while improving the sound environment.

Waves panels are particularly suitable for larger spaces such as office landscapes and conference rooms, where they can effectively reduce noise levels and minimize reverberation. Their unique design and high quality make them an attractive solution for those who wish to combine aesthetics with functionality.

Acoustic images for any interior

Waves panels bring both aesthetics and functionality into your space. Their innovative design and effective sound-absorbing properties make them ideal for creating pleasant acoustics in spaces where noise and reverberation need to be controlled. Regardless of the room, Waves panels will help improve sound quality and create a more productive and pleasant atmosphere.

High-Quality sound-absorbing images

With their unique two-layer construction of acoustic felt, Waves panels ensure excellent sound absorption capabilities. These sound-absorbing images are designed to create a calm and productive atmosphere by effectively dampening unwanted noise. In addition to their acoustic benefits, they also add an aesthetic element to the space, making them an ideal solution for those who want to combine functionality with visual appeal.

Acoustic images as art, aesthetics, and functionality

Waves acoustic images are not only functional but also artworks in themselves. The wave-like patterns add an artistic touch that transforms any space into an inspiring environment.

Acoustic felt for optimal sound damping

The acoustic felt used in Waves panels is carefully selected for its excellent sound-absorbing properties. This ensures that our acoustic images not only look fantastic but also effectively reduce noise. The quality of the felt and its multi-layered structure contribute to minimizing echo and reverberation in the room, creating a more pleasant and productive acoustic atmosphere. With Waves panels, you get both a visually attractive and functional element that enhances the overall sound environment in any space.

Create calm with waves acoustic images

By choosing Waves acoustic images, you get not only beautiful artworks but also an effective solution to improve the acoustics in your space. Discover how our sound-absorbing images can create a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.

The sound of silence