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Our Geometric series is a graphic interpretation of the rationalist and minimalist Bauhaus/Ulm design style. The style emerged in Germany in the 1920s and since became the design format for most consumer products we use and love every day.

Petroleum Green Geometric TileGeometric Tile
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Petroleum Green
Night Black GeometricGeometric
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Night Black


Reimagine acoustic wall panels

Our Geometric acoustic art panels pay homage to the iconic Bauhaus/Ulm design style through their refined geometric shapes. With a meticulous manufacturing process that matches our Arch panels, we add a unique twist with round geometric elements. This graphic expression captures a timeless elegance that elevates any space and evokes a visual interpretation of minimalist design.

Finesse through geometry - Visual interpretation of acoustic wall panels

The inspiration is drawn from the geometric style founded by the Bauhaus and Ulm schools in Germany in the 1920s, which has since influenced the design world. Our Geometric series captures this spirit and implements it in our acoustic art panels. The simple and clean lines, together with the round geometric shapes, create a harmonious balance and a visual focal point that attracts attention and enriches the room's aesthetics.

Function and beauty united with geometric sound-absorbing wall panels

At Arturel, we believe that aesthetics and functionality are closely linked. Our Geometric wall panels are not just a visual delight; they also deliver impressive sound-absorbing properties. Through the combination of our expertise in acoustics and design, we have created wall panels that effectively dampen noise and reverberation, creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Whether in offices, studios, living rooms, children's rooms, or public spaces, our Geometric panels are designed to improve acoustics and deliver an enhanced sound experience for everyone.

Sustainability and art with acoustic felt

Our pride also lies in our sustainable approach to the production of Geometric panels. We use quality materials, including recycled PET ocean plastic, to construct our art panels. This practice reduces waste and promotes recycling while adding an extra dimension of environmental awareness and responsibility to our panels.

With our Geometric acoustic art panels, you can experience the harmonious fusion of Bauhaus/Ulm design and acoustic performance. Through their refined geometric shapes and sound-absorbing abilities, they will add sophisticated aesthetics and an improved sound environment to any space. Welcome to a world of geometry and acoustic balance with our Geometric panels from Arturel.

The sound of silence